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About Us

The "Fundação de Empreendimentos Científicos e Tecnológicos" - Finatec is a Brazilian institution, legal person of private law, nonprofit, governed by its own statute and headquartered in Brasília. It is a support foundation, established under the University of Brasilia (UnB), whose purpose is to promote and support scientific and technological development, technology transfer, graduate education and research. The Finatec is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science and Technology in accordance with Law No. 8.958/94.

Established on March 13, 1992, by 12 professors at UnB in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Physics. Finatec has since been developing its activities with recognized competence and expertise. National reference as foundation support, has many distinguishing entrepreneurship and experience, assigned by the management of more than 3,000 projects in various areas of activity, in Brazil and abroad. Within its statutory purposes, Finatec performs a wide range of direct and subsidized activities, which are directed to the scientific development and research support. The Incentive Program, established in 2000, was the first in the country and has already secured the support of 1,427 teachers and 297 graduate students to present their work and to transfer the knowledge generated in the university to society.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Governors, which has deliberative, determines the general guidance in the Foundation and is assisted by an Audit Committee, responsible for overseeing the financial and asset management. The executive functions are exercised by three officers: a president, a secretary and a financial. The way the search is organized Finatec give agility and transparency to all its processes in a modern, non-bureaucratic management.

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